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The First and Unique At-Home Conlemany Colour

The First and Unique At-Home Conlemany Colour 

Fall in love with our Conlemany plant-based hair care line. The best hair care products, easy to use at home, made for you. Chemical-free, vegan & organic certified hair colours, treatments, shampoos and conditioners.

Why choosing a plant-based colour is your best option?
ConLeMany colour is made 100% with edible herbs and has to be activated just with hot or cold water. 

For who is indicated the plant-bases colour?
For everyone! Perfect for sensitive skin, for people who are allergic to the ordinary hair dyes and pregnant women. 

Start today your journey into the organic world. Our treatments & colours are 100% bespoke, based on your needs. Made with the purest organic ingredients such as flowers, clays, oils and all the good things Nature gives us.

And don’t worry, you’re not alone in your organic journey! 
Meet our bio-colourist experts and tell us about your skin and your hair. If it’s your first time approaching a plant-based colour and you don’t know what to do or you need to find the right shampoo to treat your scalp we are here! 

We will help you to choose the right product perfect for your skin. 

We will teach you our unique Conlemany method and we will help you to maintain your hair shiny, soft and naturally beautiful at home.

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