Conlemany products

 Naturalness and Certification


We aim to produce clean natural cosmetics, using only raw materials that comply with the AIAB specification, the most accredited body that establishes the standard of natural cosmetics in Italy and certifies all our “Bio Eco Cosmetics” formulations.

conlemany paking plastic free


Our skin has a delicate balance, which must be managed with wisdom. This is why we use only high quality raw materials, possibly biological and we have eliminated ingredients that damage the natural hydro-lipid barrier of our skin and which are allergenic.


We only use recyclable packages with the aim to minimise the use of packaging. Their material is also selected based on its biodegrability and low environmental impact. Respect for men and environment has always been a fundamental part of our company’s philosophy.

Animal Testing

Conlemany has always been against animal cruelty and for this reason we have never performed or committed experiments on them. All our formulation ingredients are vegetable and vegan and our cosmetics are cruelty free.


Our cosmetics are rich in protective and nourishing natural active ingredients contained in the precious vegetable essential oils at the base of all our products. The result is a cosmetic line that meets the specific needs of all skin and hair types.


Organic Italian Hairdressing aims at informing consumers, enabling them to purchase with knowledge. We invite customers to visit our website and contact us to receive information on Conlemany natural cosmetics and it’s certification systems.

The green souls, think green

A green product needs green packaging!


What does “renewable raw material” mean?

A renewable raw material can be produced or generated quickly. Sugar cane, for example, is a renewable raw material as it can be grown and then regrown naturally with the cycle of the seasons. Plastics derived from sugar cane, like other plastics of plant origin, are therefore called “renewable” or “bio-based”.

Conlemany organic cosmetics are packaged in bottles in GREEN PE, the BIOPLASTIC that derives from sugarcane.

conlemany paking plastic free

How can packaging be eco-friendly?

BIOPLASTIC is produced from renewable raw materials or from biodegradable materials or both. GREEN PE is a bioplastic obtained from renewable sources. It is actually a common polyethylene made from sugar cane instead of oil and is not biodegradable. Being a simple polyethylene, it can be recycled by recovering municipal waste. Advantages: no oil extraction.

Eco-friendly choice 100% plastic free

All the packaging of our shampoos and conditioners bars are 100% biodegradable, as they are plastic-free. Using shampoos and conditioners bars is an economical and planet-friendly choice.

Our labels are made with paper form responsible sources.

Our packaging labels are designed to promote our sustainable credentials. Obtained from the residues of cellulose production, this product offers a renewable alternative to fossil-based film. This wood fibre label is an ecological product with the same characteristics of standard PE materials. The product complies with EU regulations on food safety.

 Protect yourself !


To protect your skin and hair, start reading the list of ingredients in a cosmetic product. Items are listed in descending order: the first is the one present in the highest quantity, followed by the others, up to the last ones present in the lowest quantity; only ingredients below 1% can be shown in random order.

The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients) allows you to identify the ingredients present in cosmetics and verify their bio-compatibility*. You can therefore make sure that no harmful elements are present in your products. The quality of the product is not guaranteed by the place where it is sold, but by the fact that the formula is environmentally friendly and safe. We take care of you and your hair without using products containing harmful or polluting ingredients.

conlemany product protection