Hair colouring

organic hair colouring services

Colore vegetale

Plant based hair colour

Turbant of flowers and dyeing herbs; each specific bouquet is selected according to the colour requested and enriched with healing herbs. This innovative way of conceiving the colour can give your hair various shades of light, without exposing them to the harshness of the chemical agents that you can find in many of the traditional hair dyes.

organic botanic gloss

Botanic Gloss

Restoring shine and colour

An exclusive mix of pure dyeing herbs infused in hot water, picked on the spot by our bio-colourist, carefully chosen to revitalize your hair colour. Perfect between colouring sessions, it helps keep your plant-based colour bright and shiny, while also working as a toner on our revitalising and highlights treatments.



vegan certification
plant based certification
nickel tested certification
dermatologically tested certification
cruelty free certification