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It all started about 15 years ago, in 2006, when we approached with curiosity the new methods of organic and biodynamic cultivation, a fascinating world that we immediately fell in love with.

We have happily embraced this philosophy that safeguards people’s health and protects the environment in which they live. Thanks to this philosophy, we focus on many aspects of our daily life, from the quality of our food to the quality of our personal and household products, from their dissolution in water to the disposal of containers.

Thus begins, in a completely natural way, a journey that will soon lead us to a new phase of our personal, spiritual and professional life.

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After 39 years of professional experience and 15 years of study and research in the replacement of chemical cosmetics and hair dyes, Conlemany is a real brand in addition to our personal working method.

Conlemany can now offer a wide range of plant-based colors, a full line of certified organic cosmetic products such as shampoos, conditioners and masks for all hair types. Each package is environmentally friendly or even plastic-free.

All this is Conlemany, high quality cosmetic products and a vegan and natural salon service, 100% pure, dermatologically tested, ecological and completely biodegradable, also suitable for people allergic to chemical dyes and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

conlemany story today

A sustainable salon

Our salon has been transformed into a place where shampoos, finishing produce and certified organic perfumes have replaced chemical-based cosmetic products; a place where you can breathe the pure and fragrant air of nature; a completely plastic- free salon with the aim to reduce the amount of waste and avoid unnecessary waste.

These are the services we offer respecting the environment:

  • use of natural raw materials and certified organic products to treat you and reduce water and environmental pollution;
  • bowls in terracotta, wood and natural materials, to enhance the purity of our treatments;
  • ecological brushes and combs, to safeguard the energy of the hair;
  • low energy consumption hairdryer;
  • 100% compostable bioplastic capes and recyclable paper towels, for personal hygiene;
  • refilling service for our Conlemany products to facilitate the reuse of containers (among other things, made of straw material)
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Conlemany products

Conlemany by O&I is a brand in the field of natural certified cosmetics specialized in oil-based bio Cannabis Sativa preparations. We make use of advanced techniques that allow us to use only plants based ingredients, natural extracts and essential oils.

The results are highly skin-compatible cosmetics, biodegradable and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. With its easy absorption, this oil is exceptionally good for an intense regenerating treatment of the whole body, including that of children.

Relax and pamper yourself with our cosmetics and experience the utility and versatility of hemp in all its uses.

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