About us

Flowers and plants give us the inspiration and energy to carry out our work. Every day in our salon, we create the most perfect mix of these precious elements for our clients, revitalising their hair thanks to our “ConLeMani” method.
“ConLeMani” is our philosophy, a mental attitude favouring nature and eco-sustainability on our planet; a set of pure elements, with which we completely replace traditional, chemical cosmetics.
The atmosphere in the salon takes us back to our primordial state, no plastic, no synthetic chemicals, just a respectful and pure environment, created and desired through listening to nature.
When you enter a forest or look at the sea or sky and everything around you seems to smell of joy, this is what Organic Italian Hairdressing stands for, not just a simple hair salon.

Francesco Piccolo

Francesco began his career at a young age, in 1982 when he started to work in an important salon in the centre of Treviso, Italy.

At the same time, he began his education at the A.N.A.M. academy in Treviso from 1982 to 1985.

At then end of the 1980s, he opened his first salon and continued his education through various courses which taught him the most original coloring and hair designing techniques.

To widen his experience, he switched Academies and applied for U.A.A.M.I. in Treviso where he earned a degree as “Art Master”, first in the male branch, then in the female in 1995/96.

At the beginning of the 2000s, he attended the master Lyceum GDR of Alfaparf Milan in Bologna, studying with the “Primieri Hair” group of Perugia and meeting the artistic director Carlo Primieri. With him, he undertook a professional path which allowed him to be hired as a hair stylist for the first time in an exhibition in Brescia. 

In the following years, thanks to the Bologna Lyceum, he studied and collaborated with the Milan “Winters group” too. In this time he also joined the TEACHER TEAM of Milan Alfaparf, running several hair styling performances in many different italian cities. 

In 2003, he participated in “LOOKS” in Rimini, performing with Carlo Premieri in front of 4000 people. The following year, at the Rimini professional exhibition, he collaborated backstage with Louis Lloungeras.

He then was picked for the realization of the project of Alfaparf Italian Academy in both Rome and Milan, joining the artistic group and establishing himself as a stylist.

During the photo shoots for the sector magazine “La Griffe”, he worked with the hair stylist Ivana Margarini, from Cuneo. They then established the “Chain in Art Hairstyle S.A.S.” together, also creating “Fashion College” and “Moody Artinside”, the school and the artistic group of Chain iu Art.

In the second half of the 2000s, Chain in Art Hairstyle obtained the artistic direction for “Maxwell” (an italian magazine) in Asti, dealing with photo shoots, fashion launches and professional seminars. 

Today he works with Ivana Margarini on creating the “ConLeMani” method and the “Slow Service Salon”. 

Ivana Margarini

Ivana Margarini began her career in 1982 as an apprentice at a salon in Cuneo. 

In 1986 she moved to London and starting working in several English fashion salons such as “Tusk” and “Miss Selfridgise”. Here, she met Steve Gregan, the singer Madonna’s personal hairstylist, sharing with him his work and Madonna’s friendship.
Margarini continued her professional growth at the “Alan International” Academy as a top stylist. In the early 1990s she returned to Italy to manage the “Ferretti Hairstylists” school in Pescara. Soon after, she left to open her own salon in Limone, Piemonte.
In the years 2000s she attended the “Lloungueras school” in Barcelona and then joined the “Lyceum GDR” project in Bologna and Riccione for “Alfaparf Milan”. Thanks to this, she studied and worked with hairstyling groups such as “Winters” from Milan and “Primieri Hair” from Perugia. For the next few years she continued her carrer attending the “International” in Bologna, Florence and Rome studying with internationally famous hairstylists such as Rizo’s, Cobella and Nick Giardino.

After that, she opened her second salon in the centre of Cuneo and was hired for the creation of the “Accademia Italiana” project of Alfaparf Milan, establishing herself as a hairstylist in many different Italian cities.

Her effort and work with the academy gave her the opportunity to take a leading teaching role in many Italian cities in coloring and hair design.
Still working for the same group, she collaborated then with Francesco Piccolo from Treviso for a photo shoot for the sector magazine “La Griffe”, in Milan. After this experience, Piccolo and Margarina embarked on a collaboration to establish the “Chain in Art Hairstyle” S.A.S.

In 2005 they also established the “Fashion College” and “Moody Artinside”, school and artistic group of Chain in Art.

In the second half of the years 2000s, Chain in Art obtained the artistic direction of Maxwell (an italian magazine) of Asti. Through Moody Artinside and Fashion College, they managed Maxwell’s appearance and services, dealing with photo shoots, fashion launches and putting on many professional seminars.

Around the end of 2010 she moved to Treviso where she is now working with Francesco Piccolo for the creation of the “ConLeMani” method and the “Slow Service Salon”.