haircut and style services

Hair Cut & Style

The style of Organic Italian Hairdressing in Dalkey is unique and unrepeatable. Each stylist is trained at Fashion college, our school that teaches a typically made in Italy style.

Any shape or volume, long or short haircuts for men and women, curly or straight hair, long or short fringes will be possible for our stylists who will work for a tailor-made service for you. By appointment, the forty years’ experience of the directors of Organic Italian Hairdressing will be at your service to improve or change your hairstyle.

Hair Colouring

Conlemany, our completely pure and natural colour treatment from Organic Italian Hairdressing, is innovative and unique, a real revolution in chemical-free hair colouring.

Blond, brown, black, red, copper, every pleasant chromatic shade is made possible thanks to the unique and exclusive complex of pigments and healing properties naturally present in the skin, leaves and flowers of the plants which, once dried, produce a pure powder rich in natural pigments and active ingredients.

organic hair coloring
organic hair care

Hair Care

In our Dalkey salon, we expertly blend powdered parts of plants, flowers, roots, herbs with vegetable oils, butters and clays to treat your skin and care for your hair.

This allows us to maintain all the beneficial properties of the ingredients without modifying them.
Each of our Conlemay restorative treatments is freshly made according to our customer’s needs, it is 100% vegetable and biodegradable and respects the environment because it does not pollute the water.