Colore Vegetale

Plant based hair colour

Organic italian hairdressing: masters in the plant based hair colour

Among the various services Conlemany offers, Colore Vegetale is the one that gave us popularity here in Ireland. We are the only hair salon in the whole of Ireland to work with this contemporary, 100% natural, no chemicals method.

This is a completely new hair dye concept as we strongly believe we can colour your hair only with the use of some medicinal plants, flowers and roots mixed with water and our knowledge and extensive research. This statement could be made-up, but it is actually true!

Colore Vegetale, from your kitchen to your hair salon. Much more than organic food!

The use of medicinal plants (therefore edible) allows us to offer you a true cosmetic ‘miracle’. Years of research, study and efforts allowed us to transform your cooking spices into hair colour. Today we are proud to say: Any shade of colour has no more secrets for us!


Here at Organic Italian Hairdressing, we colour your hair only with Colore Vegetale, our 100% natural no chemicals hair dye method. We cannot highlight your hair with Colore Vegetale, but we can cover your grey and white hair and create beautiful dark, blonde, red and copper shades.

At the end of each Conlemany treatment, you will experience our exclusive signature FlowerDara, a waterfall of floral water and Epsom salt that will give you a moment of absolute relaxation and well-being before returning to reality.


Organic Italian Hairdressing wishes you Happy Conlemany FANGO VEGETALE!
  • 100% Customized
  • 100% Chemical-free
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Plant based
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Zero waste

It is a matter of right temperature and technique

After a careful analysis and once agreed the final result you wish to obtain, we choose the most appropriate plants and mix them with water. Depending on the plant, the water may be hot, cold or lukewarm.

Every plant has its own peculiarities and to develop its maximum colour properties, its pigments are released according to specific water temperature and time. The plant pigments will fix permanently onto the outer layer of the hair, between its cuticles, improving, time by time, the quality of the hair. Plant based hair colour doesn’t change the internal and external hair structure in order to develop and deposit its natural pigments, as traditional chemical dye does.

The final natural and shiny colour is unique and incredible. The colour will not be dull but – on the contrary – it will have different brilliant shades and will last as long as a chemical hair dye! How amazing it is! We work with different plants to create this wonderful product.

organic hair colouring blonde
organic hair colouring black

Our plants and herbs come from every part of the world and are harvested at every season. The temperature and weather conditions during their growth can sometimes change their pigments properties. That is why when we say that Colore Vegetale is unique and 100% natural, we are simply telling the truth.

How long does COLORE VEGETALE last?

Plants are living things and, as every form of life, they experience the energy that the Universe releases. Colore Vegetale also lives through this energy, its pigments fix onto the hair permanently through this energy and our knowledge.

For these reasons, Colore Vegetale will last for a long time, sometimes longer than the traditional chemical colour. You can say good bye to that annoying “regrowth effect” typical of the traditional dye, because when your hair starts to grow, your natural colour will blend with your plant based one, creating a very natural effect.


Your health and a healthy planet matter to us!

We all know that Colore Vegetale has a lot of qualities, but a very important aspect for us is our customer’s health, our health and a healthy planet. Every time we colour your hair with Colore Vegetale, we know that not only our plants are colouring your hair but your skin is absorbing their beneficial active properties.

From now on your hair and body will absorb only the beneficial healing properties of the plants and no more chemical ingredients. Here at Organic Italian Hairdressing we strongly believe in respecting the environment. Colore Vegetale reduces our impact on the environment because made only with plants and water. No more chemical hair colours will pollute the water.


organic hair colouring powders
organic hair colouring red

What care should I take once I have been introduced to COLORE VEGETALE?

Regular shampoos, conditioners and hair mask contain a high level of chemical ingredients that create a plastic barrier around the hair. Not all cosmetic companies use natural or organic ingredients in their formulas but they often use synthetic and popular ingredients to achieve instant shine and softness resultsThis plastic barrier, which will form around the hair time after time, may compromise the correct plant-based colouring.

As mentioned before, Colore Vegetale naturally develops the plants pigments only with the use of water. We don’t add any of the chemical ingredients that are used in the traditional hair dyes to open and change the hair structure. The natural pigments cannot fix onto the hair shaft properly if there is this plastic barrier and the quality and intensity of colour could be undermined.

Is COLORE VEGETALE safe if I am pregnant or allergic to the traditional hair dye?

Yes, it is! Colore Vegetale is made only with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. It is therefore safe for pregnant women, people undergoing cancer treatments and who suffer from dermatitis, psoriasis and any form of allergy to traditional chemical dyes. A compulsory patch test is required 24 hours before the treatment.

How can I keep my COLORE VEGETALE at home?

As explained before, traditional shampoos, creams or masks contain silicones or, sometimes, paraffin, which form a sort of barrier around the hair, preventing the natural pigments from fixing properly onto the outer layer of the hair. In order to avoid this situation, you need to use specific cosmetic products. This is why we strongly recommend the use of our organic and certified Conlemany hair cosmetics line.

No synthetic ingredients, only natural and green ingredients will help to clean your hair from chemical residues leaving it pure and healthy.



Colore vegetalefrom 145€StylistVariable
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