Fango Vegetale

Scalp treatment

How nature can make the difference!

One of our most popular treatment is Fango Vegetale. Fango Vegetale is our bespoke hair-care treatment, perfect for people with scalp conditions. After a careful test of your scalp using a micro camera, we carefully choose and mix the ingredients to treat your scalp in the best way.

Is FANGO VEGETALE 100% natural?

Seaweed and clays are enriched with precious oils, essential oils, ayurvedic oils and Bach Flowers. No chemicals products are used, but only 100% pure and natural ingredients.

Why is FANGO VEGETALE good for your hair and scalp?

Fango Vegetale takes care of your scalp well-being, especially in case of dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff or desquamation. It is excellent for oily and very dry scalp, because it balances and moisturises the skin deeply.


A warm towel wrapped around your head will keep the right amount of moisture throughout the duration of the treatment and allow the seaweed and oils properties to act deeply into your scalp. The beneficial effect of Fango Vegetale, as well as the relief you will feel during the treatment are immediate.

At the end of each Conlemany treatment, you will experience our exclusive signature FlowerDara, a waterfall of floral water and Epsom salt that will give you a moment of absolute relaxation and well-being before returning to reality.


Organic Italian Hairdressing wishes you Happy Conlemany FANGO VEGETALE!
  • 100% Customized
  • 100% Chemical-free
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Plant based
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Zero waste



Fango vegetalefrom 50€15/30 minutes

* Blowdry not included



vegan certification
plant based certification
nickel tested certification
dermatologically tested certification
cruelty free certification

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