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conlemany made in italy

Made in Italy

All our products are made in Italy meeting the current European Cosmetics Regulation.

conlemany made in italy

AIAB Bio Eco Cosmesi

AIAB is the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture, which is responsible to issue certifications and the declaration of conformity “Bio Eco Cosmetics”.

plastic free conlemany certification


Label that ensures our packaging is not made of plastic nor of fossil-based carbon plastics.

bio plastic conlemany certification

Bio-based plastic

Label that ensures our packaging is made from vegetable, sustainable, renewable resources.

cruelty free certification


Label that ensures our product is not tested on animals and we will never harm them.

dermatologically tested certification

Dermatologically tested

Label that ensures our product has been dermatologically tested by the relevant authority.

nickel tested certification

Nickel tested

Label that ensures our product has been specifically tested for nickel content and its level is safe for human health, as approved by law.

Exploring our natural products

Beauty doesn’t compromise health


plant based hair colour products

Plant based colour & treatments

It is pure and dermatological tested! All our plants have been tested for heavy metals, they are cruelty- free, vegan and chemical free. Our product is unique and safe to your health and environment.  Beware of the so-called “natural” products. Choose wise your hair colour!

Organic hair care

If you are looking for high-quality ingredients, high performance and sustainability, our products are the right choice. Our products are 100% made in Italy, 100% biodegradable and subjected to the strict AIAB protocols, the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture, that certifies organic products and companies. Our packaging is bio-based, made with renewable sources (eg: sugarcane), sustainable and eco-friendly!

organic hair care products
organic solid hair care products

Organic Solid Product

The true revolution in cosmetics! These amazing solid bar products have been formulated to respect the environment. They are 100% plastic-free and zero waste easy to use and made with high-quality ingredients. Made in Italy and AIAB bio-certified, they represent our true Conlemany philosophy. Cruelty-free, vegan and dermatological tested.

Virtual salon

We are proud to introduce our VIRTUAL SALON! An innovative and new service, where you can find  our “live” salon online. With a simple click, you could choose among our online services and we will happy to help you. In the comfort of your home, our Conlemany bio-colourist expert will help you to apply your plant-based hair colour or to advise you the right colour for you.

conlemany consulting
conlemany consulting

Heart in a candle

If you think that a candle can only shine or smell, you are wrong! Our special Conlemany candles not only light your room but they can be used as skin lotion thanks to their three high-quality cosmetic waxes. Our amazing candles are completely pure and dyed only with our hair dyeing plants and scented with our pure essential oil blends, making each one a unique product. Great for aromatherapy.