INCI: Acacia catechu


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Description and use
A decoction of Acacia Catechu bark will result in a paste that can then be dried and pulverised.
This powder, of a lovely rich dark brown, is used in some of our mixes to give hair a dark tone.
It can be added to any mix to add strength and vibrance to a colour, or customise a tone.

Our plant-based powder is unadulterated and it did not undergo any chemical process.

Beneficial properties

Rich in tannins, this powder is an incredible anti-inflammatory and works as a decongestant for irritated scalps. Thanks to its high content of mucilage, our Catecu is a great moisturizer for dry hair. Furthermore, flavonoids add an antioxidant, antibacterial and tonic action.

Did you know…?

In the past, Catecu pigment was used to dye cotton, leather and silk because of its resistance to light and wash.


How to use
All natural plant-based Conlemany powders need to be mixed with water only, until they turn into a soft paste that can be applied to the hair. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and usage tips, we are at your disposal to help you get a perfect result.