INCI: Althaea officinalis


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Description and use
From Althea officinalis roots we obtain a powder that, once added to any colouring mix, gives shine and moisturises the hair without altering the resulting colour. It can be used by itself as a moisturising and shining treatment; thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, it can work as a soothing remedy in case of irritated calp or dandruff.

Our plant-based powder is unadulterated and did not undergo any chemical process.

Beneficial properties

This wonderful powder contains mainly mucilage, polyphenols, starch, flavonoids and pectin.
Mucilage can retain high amounts of water: once wet it dilates into a viscous solution capable of protecting the hair from dehydration. 
Our Althea powder can also be used as a hair mask that will give shine and volume to the hair while also softening and conditioning it. Perfect for curly, frizzy, dry and fragile hair.

Did you know…?

Originally, traditional American marshmallows were made from a juice extracted from Althaea Officinalis sugary roots.


How to use
All natural plant-based Conlemany powders need to be mixed with water only, until they turn into a soft paste that can be applied to the hair. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and usage tips, we are at your disposal to help you get a perfect result.