18 hours ago

A stunning combination of balayage and our ConLeMani💚 plant-based colour 🌱 this is just one of the many possibilities we can explore to achieve the perfect result for you, with no harm to your ... See more

2 days ago

To comply with safety regulations we can no longer treat you all to our lovely herbal tea... We miss breathing its lovely fragrance too! 😭
For all the people who grew addicted to it (as we did), ... See more

2 days ago
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Our client said: "this is a WOW colour"... we agree! 🤩
Look at what our SANDALWOOD and SWEDISH mixed together can do! 😍 just add a bit of hot water and... magic happens! 😉 what's more ... See more

2 days ago

When we say our plants-based color it’s a treatment for your hair..that’s exactly what we are talking about 😍🤩

Stunning curly hair and pure natural color for a healthier and nicer look ... See more

3 days ago

After lockdown our client had a lot of white regrowth and a big reddish band around her head... for all the people who ask "does your color really cover white hair??"
....this is the answer 😄 ... See more

4 days ago

A mix of ASH WOOD and CHESTNUT🎨 "Conlemani" colour for this beautiful and natural look🌿
Thanks Julia for you choosing us, supporting and embracing our philosophy 💚

6 days ago
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SANDALWOOD & HAZELNUT are two of the new colours created by us for you all. Look at this amazing result for our first-time client 😍 such a rich, vibrant color on hair damaged by years of bleach. ... See more

1 week ago
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Another lovely job by our wonder-girl Giulia! 😄
For our organic highlights we use only ammonia-free bleach, guaranteeing a perfect result without being aggressive on your hair. 🌿
We believe ... See more

1 week ago

Carlotta worked her magic with our plants based colour 'Conlemani"🌿
Plants flowers herbs and hot water, no peroxide no PPD no CHEMICALS just NATURE🌳🌍

1 week ago
Photos from Organic Italian Hairdressing's post

We are back🤗
It's been an amazing week and We have been so happy to see you back at our exclusive 100% PLANTS BASED HAIR SALON SPA 🌿
Busy to make the magic happens 🎨🌱
Thank you all🙏

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