Organic solid hair care

Organic zero waste hair care

Conlemany certified organic, plastic free hair product

What is it?
Our solid shampoos and conditioners bars are made with natural and high quality ingredients. They are highly concentrated in moisturizing oils, 100% biodegradable and zero waste. The pure organic hemp seed oil and natural ingredients contained in each shampoo and conditioner bar have anti-inflammatory properties and leave skin and hair healthy. Our organic solid hair products are biodegradable and zero waste, thanks to their ecological packaging.


Environmentally friendly packaging?
Yes, it is! SHAPO’netta and BARsamò are natural products and their packaging is plastic-free. All Conlemany solid organic products are packaged with sustainable packaging materials. It is a true ecological packaging!! To keep the purity of the products, they are packaged with 100% biodegradable glassine bags. The packaging is totally recyclable and compostable. They are perfect for travel and affordable, as they last up to 50 washes.




AIAB certifications and the declaration of conformity “Bio Eco Cosmetics”.

vegan certification
plant based certification
nickel tested certification
dermatologically tested certification
cruelty free certification